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How Important It Is To Undergo Sales Effectiveness Training

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it normally has connected with how they have been wrongly put in. Take pleasure in your sojourns to your exclusive haven. Enjoy it better with warm showers. Get your vacation log cabin venture underway and make the most of the rest of the months and all of those other weekends in the future. Copyright

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One of the requirements to apply to settle in the Business Incubator “Manuel Diaz Ruiz” is that the business is started not much longer than a year ago. The contract duration is 3 years

Business Entrepreneurs who want to start a business can rent an office or warehouse for zero cost in the first year in the Business Incubator "Manuel Diaz Ruiz" Torrijos (Toledo), whose rule was presented this morning at the local council. The mayor, Juan Jos Gmez-Hidalgo, who wants to attract companies related to new technologies, emphasized the provision of this document as "one of the most important events of the entire legislature." Stakeholders may request information from April 1 to 30 until the first period project selection. A company in Texas (USA) has already shown interest in this building. Torrijos (Toledo), Spain, March 14, 2013 – The Business Incubator "Manuel Diaz Ruiz", based in the town of Torrijos (Toledo), already has rules, which are reflected in the guidelines of its functioning. The Mayor, Juan Jose Gomez-Hidalgo has released today to the public the details of this document, in a press conference where he was joined by Councilman for Economic and Urban Development, Angel Collado. This regulation will be approved in the House today’s at 20 pm at the City of Torrijos. Stakeholders may request information from April 1 to 30 until the first period for the selection of business projects. The city Councilman has reported that already several companies, including a company of Texas have shown interest in the Business Incubator and he has announced that entrepreneurs who choose to settle in it may do so at no charge for the first year . "From here I communicate to all people who are thinking about starting a business that Torrijos is the place, we will offer extremely competitive conditions starting by offering a first year absolutely free of rent, I think this positions us well relative to other locations, " stressed Gmez-Hidalgo. Torrijos Mayor praised the provision of these regulations as "one of the most important events of the whole legislature" because as he added, "is what every town or city needs right now, investment, entrepreneurs interested in starting their business projects "and stressed that this facility makes Torrijos available to new entrepreneurs, together with the 100 measures just introduced the Spains president, Mariano Rajoy, to facilitate the employment of young people and also taken in this sense by the regional executive. "Maria Dolores de Cospedal has stated on more than one occasion that offers Castilla La Mancha with open arms companies looking for local investments so we also do our bit, I think is the best way of doing politics, going in the same direction than the three administrations. " The Officer of Economics at the Council of Toledo informed that the institution has a provincial budget "to finance the interest of new business ventures if they need a loan." For his part, the Councillor for Economic Development and Urban Angel Collado, informed of the steps that stakeholders have to take. "First of all what you have to do is contact the Town Halls Citizen Service which will give you an application form which will provide only information about the incubator, then they will explain its purpose, how to develop their work etc, then if stakeholders see it as a viable idea and they are encourage to fill another request to be joining the incubator, and we will be asking to present specific company documentation. " Pricing and Requirements: One of the requirements to apply to settle in the Business Incubator "Manuel Diaz Ruiz" is that the business is started not much longer than a year ago. The contract duration is 3 years, which may be extended to one more. During the first year the rental will be free, but from the second year on, the cost of using an office ranges between 160 and 200 euros, the price varying depending on the space occupied, and for the use of large warehouses, the cost will be between 600 and 900 euros, having to add in all cases the common expenses. New Technologies One aspect to be taken into account when selecting a project or another is its relationship to innovation and / or new technologies, which are scored up with 25 points. "We would like that the incubator is filled with initiatives linked to the world of new technologies, which are growing very fast, they are a crowded field with a lot of talent and ideas that often have to go outside of Spain, and now they have a place here, "defended Torrijos Mayor. However, what will scored the most will be presenting a business plan technically and economically feasible (up to 50 points). The number of jobs created will add a maximum of 15 points and the merits of the idea, 10 points. Features: The Business Incubator "Manuel Diaz Ruiz" has a total of 19 offices and 4 warehouses. It stands on an area of 2,250 m2, located on two floors. At the bottom, of 1,625 m2 (1,505 m2 plus 120 m2 yard), there are 4 warehouses, equipped with an office and a bathroom each, two training rooms and conference rooms, 5 offices, one of these as adequate Meeting room and Reception. The top has 14 offices and two meeting rooms. In addition, elevators have been enabled, as well as toilets and slave quarters on both floors. The construction tender budget amounted to 810,000 euros, funded through Forcola (175,000 euros), Community Board (375,000 euros) and Municipality of Torrijos (300,000 euros). The drafters of the Business Incubator have been the torrijeos Francisco Carrillo Carrillo and Israel, being coordinated by the Municipal Technical Services. The main contractor of the building is Monterrubio Ruiz Constructions SL, plus collaborations from numerous outsourcing companies in Torrijos. Situation: The Business Incubator is located in the Industrial Park "The Watchtower", which is accessed by motorway from virtually anywhere in the country. A few steps away is the entrance to the A 40, which connects to the A5 and through it you get to the north of the peninsula, passing through Madrid (within an hour of Torrijos) and west of it, with direction Talavera de la Reina (30 minutes from Torrijos), and Portugal. The A 40 also allows people to communicate this in a way with Toledo at just 15 minutes away, and from the capital Castilian-Manchego, you can travel to both south and east of Spain. Within the Polygon "The Watchtower", the Business Incubator gives three different entrances: Calle Narciso Monturiol, Workers Street and Avenida Guillermo Marconi Street. Press Contact: Ayuntamiento de Torrijos Media Relations Ayuntamiento de Torrijos Plaza de San Gil, 7 – 45500 Torrijos (Toledo) 512-212-1139 [email protected] http://www.torrijos.es/ About the Author: